Benefits of Travel insurance

In recent times traveling has become a regular way of life for many people, for others, it will still require them to work hard so that they can put enough money aside so that they can go for their dream holiday. When you are planning to travel abroad, getting a travel insurance is often seen as a secondary consideration by many people, because booking flights and also the accommodation is the priority for many people who want to travel. There are others who will not consider taking the travel insurance at all. This is a terrible mistake because you will miss out on many benefits and very important protections that the travel insurance provides. more  AardvarkCompare
One of the biggest factors of all is the medical insurance. When you travel abroad, you will not be covered by the medical bills if you do not have insurance. If by bad luck you get sick or get involved in an accident and you do not have the travel insurance you are likely to be liable for the full medical bill. This can cost you thousands of dollars. It is also to remember that you are in foreign country and this increases the possibility of you getting sick, or being involved in an expected accident. more
This is because you are not familiar with your surrounding and the weather is different from what you are used to; you are also eating different and foreign food, and also your body can be exposed to bacteria and also viruses and so it is important to be ready and prepared for anything. 
There are also policies that are available to cover the trip cancellations. There are many reasons as to why your trip can be canceled, this can include the adverse weather, event at home or you are having travel problems, and all this can mean that you will not make it for the trip. If you cancel your trip, you might incur a huge loss, but having insurance will cover you for the enormous loses. The travel insurance will help you to cover the coast and be as stress-free as possible. 
The travel insurance will also cover all the cost of the flight delays. Flights can be delayed for many hours, and if the weather is extremely bad or the flight has mechanical problems, they can be delayed for days, and this can leave you stranded in a foreign country. When you get these delays, you will incur the unplanned cost of food, accommodation, transport, and others like clothing. When one has a good insurance policy, they take care of these extra costs for you enabling you to enjoy the extra few days on your holiday.more here